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How to choose the best ice cream maker?
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Ice Cream Maker is a machine used to make delicious ice cream. Put it simply, firstly it mixes ingredients like milk powder, ice cubes, fruits, sugar, and then cool down the temperature to freeze the mixture. Ingredients can be partly or fully replaced by industrialized milk pulp or ice cream powder. Ice cream machine can be classified into 2 parts: one is for industrial purpose, dedicate to the ice cream line; another one is for commercial use.Here we discuss only commercial ice cream machines. The ice cream machines can be divided into soft ice cream machines and hard ice cream machines.

Soft ice cream is made from cream, egg yellow, milk,sugar and other ingredient. Benefited from its high cream content, it tastes smooth, soft and fragrant, plus its air content varies from 20% to 80%, making it easy to melt while eating. Then we can divide ice cream machines into floor standing and counter top. By flavor, it will be single flavor, dual flavors, twin-twist, or even multifarious. Most frequently seen in the market is twin-twist ice cream machine, which is the so called three colors ice cream machine, is followed by single flavor, aka single color ice cream machine.

  1. Single Flavor Ice Cream Machine
  2. Single flavor ice cream machine has one storage tank for ingredients, one cooling cylinder and one discharging port, one flavor ice cream per serve, so it is called single flavor ice cream machine. In terms of placing , there are 2 kinds: floor and counter top standing, most of single flavor ice cream machines are counter top type. Net weight of the machine is between 100kg to 200kg and nominal power is less than 2 KW.
    1.Quality for money and compact size. Light weight, allowing to optimize space. Hourly production reaches 270 serves(75gr portions).
    2.The machine can be adapted to all types of shops like c-stores,bakeries, cafes,restaurants,bars,KTVs,cybercafes,for the occasions with less requirement on hourly production and flavor varieties.

  3. Twin-twist(3 flavors) ice cream machine
  4. Twin-twist ice cream machine It has two ingredients storage tanks, two cooling cylinders and three discharging ports, which allow to make 3 colors/flavors flavors and 1 mixed flavor. It is the most frequently seen ice cream machine in the market, in both counter tops and floor standing type.
    1.Excellent production performance. The highest production per hour is around 300-900 serves(75gr portions). Net weight is often between 150kg to 500kg,with nominal power at 1.7KW-7KW.
    2.Perfect for places with high requirements on hourly production and flavor varieties, like chained food stores, large supermarkets, ice cream shops, playgrounds, schools, tourist areas, integrated bakeries.

  5. Ice cream machine for pastry specialties
  6. This machine is a multi-funcitonal ice cream machine designed specially for pastry industry.It is suitable to make gelato pastry, mousse and other desserts. In bakeries, it helps to improve efficiency and save labor-cost. Meanwhile, its value is more obvious for bakeries that want to start cake and mousse business.
    1.Efficiency improvement and labor-saving for baking industry. Specially designed for bakeries, it is easy and quick to fill gelato on a stick and cake molds to make desserts.
    2.Multi-functional:It can be used to make desserts at night and produce ice cream during the daytime. It can make soft serve ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and sorbet on a stick, gelato cake, cream dessert, mousse, creams and so on.
    3.Special pastry maker: it can produce 2 different kinds of desserts at the same time.

  7. Ice cream vending machine
  8. This is a magical ice cream machine as it is fully automatic. There is no need for chefs spend much time on it. Just place it in the right place, add ingredients and clean regularly. Its best location is in sites with many potential consumers, such as shopping malls,amusement parks etc.
    1.Does not need to be operated by people, labor-saving and high added value.
    2.Good in places like shopping malls with big customer flow and playgrounds,several machines can be put into use at once. Only need one person to look after all the machines and regularly check ingredients' contents and clean it.
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