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  • Purchasing Questions

    Q: How can I choose the best Oceanpower model for my business?

    A: Please contact your local distributor or contact us directly.We will review your needs according to your business type and your product request.And we will determine the perfect model to fit for your business.The Oceanpower salesperson is a professional business consultant who will develop a profit story and the anticipated return of investment.

    Q: Can someone help me put together a plan for my store?

    A: Yes.Our sales representative will assist you in working out a plan for your business with Oceanpower equipment.Please contact us with email:info@oceanpower.com

    Q: How much space will I need?

    A: We will assess your requirements and show you the detailed size information of our machine,then will give you a reasonable scheme for your business. Oceanpower resource library

    Q: How can I receive a current price list?

    A: Please contact us directly on our website.Our professional sales representative will offer you price details as your requirements.

    Q: What kind of ice cream machines will be applied to my ice cream vending cars?

    A: We have vertical ice cream machines and table top ice cream machines.It usually depends on the size of your cars.Please contact your local distributor or contact us for size information of ice cream machines,we will work out a feasible plan for you to install ice cream machines.

    Q: Can I get free samples of ice cream powder?

    A: Yes.Free sample is offered for ice cream powder.We can offer 1-5KG powder for free. Contact us to get samples.

    Q: Can I buy direct from the factory,Oceanpower distributor, someone else or the internet?

    A: Yes.We have distributors all over the world,please contact your local distributor to purchase Oceanpower models.Other sales information Please contact us.

    Q: What makes Oceanpower equipment seem premium priced? 


    1) Oceanpower is professional,we have majored in ice cream machines and ice cream powder for 20 years and devoted to manufacture excellent products for our clients.

    2)  Oceanpower offers excellent pre-sale service and professional after sales service.Our sales guys  help you to choose the best product for you according to your request and business types and offer you professional technical support to solve your problems.

    3) Oceanpower models have multiple functions, exquisite appearance and reliable quality.We imported good parts from all over the world and excellent parts from China to Guarantee the quality.

    Q: What warranty is included with my new Oceanpower equipment?

    A: The warranty of Oceanpower equipment is 1 year.

    Q: Do you supply the mix as well as the machine?

    A: Yes. Oceanpower developed ice cream powder(Soft ice cream powder,soft serve ice cream powder,frozen yogurt powder,sorbet powder,hard ice cream powder and base powder) with ice cream machines(soft ice cream machine,frozen yogurt machine and hard ice cream machine) since 1998. Contact us for further information. 

  • Product Questions

    Q: Is Oceanpower equipment easy to use?

    A: Yes. Oceanpower equipment is user-friendly,time-saving and stable.The specific operation please refer to our operation manual.click here to download

    Q: What products can I run in my Oceanpower equipment?

    A: That depends on your Oceanpower models.The model information is showed in the specification sheet on our website or contact your local distributor for more information click here to download

    Q: What is the average life of an Oceanpower ice cream machine?

    A: Oceanpower ice cream machines are reliable and stable.With right operated and careful maintained,the life span can be prolonged.

    Q: How to operate Oceanpower ice cream machine?

    A: The operation information is displayed in the operation manuals which can be downloaded on Oceanpower website.Or you can contact your local distributor for help. click here to download 

    Q: Does an Oceanpower model apply to these districts where the temperature changes frequently?

    A: Yes. Oceanpower models are adaptable to different weathers and districts with large temperature difference.They work stably and efficiently under different environment.

    Q:Does your ice cream machine also can make frozen yogurt?

    A: Yes.Actually,all of our soft ice cream machine can make frozen yogurt perfectly.

  • Product Conceptions
    Q: What is overrun?

    A: Overrun is the amount of air that is introduced into the product before it is dispensed. Higher overrun has more air in the finished product, making it a fluffier, lighter product. Percentage of overrun equals percentage increase in the volume of the finished product.

    Q: What’s the difference in cost per serving on; soft serve, yogurt, and batch ice cream?

    A: Contact your local distributor or us.We will help you make comparison about profits among these recipes and find the best product to fit for your business.

    Q: What is Frozen Yogurt?

    A: Frozen yogurt typically consists of milk solids (not cream), sweeteners, milk fat, and yogurt culture. Frozen yogurt can boast improved health benefits over other similar products because it can have healthy probiotics, reduced sugar content and a lower calorie count. 

    Q: What defines Soft Serve Ice Cream?

    A: Soft serve ice cream is a soft, fluffy product that can come from Soft serve ice cream machines (such as those from Oceanpower). It usually has a lower milk fat content than regular ice cream, generally 3-6% and is produced at -7.8℃ to -6.7℃. Soft serve also contains much less air (resulting in lower overrun) than commercial ice cream, allowing it to be creamier, smoother, and flavorful.

    Q: What is Milk Fat?

    A: Milk fat, or butterfat, refers to the amount of fat content in a dairy product. The percentage (%) of milk fat translates into the percentage (%) of the weight of the product that is attributed to the milk fat.

    Q: What is pre-cooling system?

    A: The models with pre-cooling system have  have two compressors thus have two independent cooling systems.The pre-cooling compressor can still enables the temperature of the mix in the hoppers to stay at about 4 degrees when the main compressor is turned off. So it is able to keep the ice cream mix fresh for long time and save time of making ice cream cones.

  • Equipment and Technical Questions
    Q: What power and  electrical configurations will my Oceanpower model need?

    A: Electrical specifications for new equipment are shown on the specification sheet.The specification sheets are available on Oceanpwoer official website.Consult your local technician before installing the new equipment. click here to download

    Q: What is the difference between single phase and three phase power? 

    A: Three phase is more efficient and usually cost less to operate than single phase, but generally more expensive to install.

    Q: What is the difference between a soft serve machine and a batch freezer(hard ice cream machine)?

    A: A batch freezer (hard ice cream machine)is a machine used to commercially produce large volumes of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, custard and sherbet. In this freezer, the product mix (also called the base) is frozen and whipped simultaneously to create a smooth consistency in the frozen desserts we eat today.

    Soft serve machines dispense any frozen or semi-frozen dessert products, which are served fresh from the freezer in a soft state. Sherbets, completely non-dairy products, and milkshakes are not included.

    Q: What is the difference between gravity and pump equipped Oceanpower models?

    A: Pump equipped Oceanpower models can add more air into the ice cream product by using the internal air pump to pump product into the freezing cylinder and normally have higher overrun. The gravity fed models use gravity to fill in the freezing cylinder.

    Q: What are the options of the machine?


    1) Cone Dispenser; It is made of stainless steel and will facilitate you while releasing ice cream;
    2) Customized front panel;
    3) Frequency conversion; It will lower the noise and assure the more stable performance of the machine;
    4) Pre-cooling system (compressor: 106W/R134A);
    5) Air-pump;

    Please contact your local distributor or contact us directly for more information. 

    Q: What is the optimal operation condition of your machines? 

    A:  Voltage 220V(198V~232V) 110V(98V~120V)
         Operating air temperature 10℃ ~ 42℃
         Relative air humidity Less than 90%
         Height above sea level under 2000m

         Please contact your local distributor or contact us directly for more information.

  • Agent Questions
    Q: Can I be your agent?What’s the conditions?

    A: Yes.We are always looking for potential clients who are professional in this field and are willing to develop with Oceanpower together.Please contact us with email:info@oceanpower.com and leave your information about nationality,business type,company information etc.Our sales representatives will contact you to show you detailed information.

    Q: Do you have any agents in my country?

    A: We have agents all over the world.Please contact us to get agent distribution information in your country.

  • Service Questions
    Q: Can you customize the products according to our our requirements?

    A: Yes. Like OEM is part of our business.Please contact us directly.Our engineer will review your requirements and consider if we can meet your demands,then we will give you a specific plan.

    Q: Is there training for my new Oceanpower equipment?

    A: Yes.There will be training for your Oceanpower equipment.Please contact us with email:info@oceanpower.com or contact your local distributor.

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