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Oceanpower Ice Cream Machines in the HOTELEX 2024


With 3,000+ big-name exhibitors from the hotel and catering industry, 400,000 sq. ft. of exhibition area, and 10,000 new products in the industry, HOTELEX Shanghai created a myth of over 100,000 visitors on the first day of the exhibition.

A wide range of Oceanpower commercial ice cream machines have been on parade at the HOTELEX 2024;  the most eye-catching is our automatic ice cream machine, which shows a high degree of professionalism and attraction effect , provides more choice with the catering industry customers and helps a new bright spot.

The atmosphere is warm; salesmen explain patiently. We are in-depth communicates with customers to explore new opportunities for future co-operation.

Oceanpower Ice Cream Machine will continue to focus on R&D and provide more high quality and reliable ice cream machines to meet the diversified needs of our customers. Please look forward to more excitement in our future!

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