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Purchasing Questions

Q: How can I choose the best Oceanpower model for my business?

A: Please contact your local distributor or contact us directly.We will review your needs according to your business type and your product request.And we will determine the perfect model to fit for your business.The Oceanpower salesperson is a professional business consultant who will develop a profit story and the anticipated return of investment.

Q: Can someone help me put together a plan for my store?

A: Yes.Our sales representative will assist you in working out a plan for your business with Oceanpower equipment.Please contact us with email:info@oceanpower.com

Q: How much space will I need?

A: We will assess your requirements and show you the detailed size information of our machine,then will give you a reasonable scheme for your business. Oceanpower resource library

Q: How can I receive a current price list?

A: Please contact us directly on our website.Our professional sales representative will offer you price details as your requirements.

Q: What kind of ice cream machines will be applied to my ice cream vending cars?

A: We have vertical ice cream machines and table top ice cream machines.It usually depends on the size of your cars.Please contact your local distributor or contact us for size information of ice cream machines,we will work out a feasible plan for you to install ice cream machines.

Q: Can I get free samples of ice cream powder?

A: Yes.Free sample is offered for ice cream powder.We can offer 1-5KG powder for free. Contact us to get samples.

Q: Can I buy direct from the factory,Oceanpower distributor, someone else or the internet?

A: Yes.We have distributors all over the world,please contact your local distributor to purchase Oceanpower models.Other sales information Please contact us.

Q: What makes Oceanpower equipment seem premium priced? 


1) Oceanpower is professional,we have majored in ice cream machines and ice cream powder for 20 years and devoted to manufacture excellent products for our clients.

2)  Oceanpower offers excellent pre-sale service and professional after sales service.Our sales guys  help you to choose the best product for you according to your request and business types and offer you professional technical support to solve your problems.

3) Oceanpower models have multiple functions, exquisite appearance and reliable quality.We imported good parts from all over the world and excellent parts from China to Guarantee the quality.

Q: What warranty is included with my new Oceanpower equipment?

A: The warranty of Oceanpower equipment is 1 year.

Q: Do you supply the mix as well as the machine?

A: Yes. Oceanpower developed ice cream powder(Soft ice cream powder,soft serve ice cream powder,frozen yogurt powder,sorbet powder,hard ice cream powder and base powder) with ice cream machines(soft ice cream machine,frozen yogurt machine and hard ice cream machine) since 1998. Contact us for further information. 

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