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  • Where can I purchase parts?

    Contact your local distributor or contact us directly for help.

  • I need service on my machine; who do I call?
  • How can I receive training by the factory for repairing my own equipment?

    Contact your local distributor for after sales service.Or contact us directly,we will show you training courses of repairing your Oceanpower equipment.

  • How often do I have to clean the machine? How long does that take?

    Cleaning the machine every day is suggested.The specific information is showed in the operation manual.And the manuals are available on the Oceanpower website.

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  • What are the points that demand special attention?

    ⑴ Voltage range. Please note that the voltage range for the normal working of our machines is 198V~240V. In countries where voltages is not stable and often exceeds that range, it is suggested that a stabilizer be installed;
    ⑵ Frozen cylinder phenomena. Sometimes even when the voltage and current are normal, Frozen cylinder phenomena may also occur. The reason may be that after the ice cream is ready, you draw too much mix from one cylinder and mix in two cylinders became imbalanced.
    ⑶ O-rings; After being used for a long time, the O-rings would lose its flexibility. It is advised that you’d better not wash the O-rings in the water exceeding 40 degrees and they should be changed every 3 or 4 months.

    Please contact your local distributor or contact us directly for more information. 

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